how would you improve facebook birthdays

I can classify my user base into two types with their respective needs:-. Please describe the problem with this {0} and we will look into it. They can easily send a message into the wall of them and also check a page with the details of their friendship. Networking online means connecting with people and not selling – what better way to ‘talk to someone’ than to send them a birthday wish. birthday posts/DMs per user, overall and by segments, Increase in conversion from prompt to birthday posts/DMs, % of HP posts including emojis (daily/monthly), % of users using bday emojis (daily/monthly). Here is my assessment: If not... As the Facebook's goal is to give the power to people create community and bring people closer, facebook birthday encourage people to send a message to their friends. Solutions: I think you have innovative ideas on how to improve the user journey for well wishers. Interview question for Senior Product Manager in Menlo Park, CA.How would you improve the Facebook birthday feature I will like to use Engagement,Customer Satisfaction, Ease of Implementation as my compass to prioritze the solutions, Solutions                 Engagement      Customer Satisfaction      Ease of Implementation     Overall, Collage Maker              Med                        Low                                          Med                       C, Gift Recommendar      High                        High                                         High                     A, Trait Personafied         Med                         Med                                          Low                      B, Note:- In Overall Column, A means highest priority & C Means lowest priority. It keeps the users enagaged on an important occasion and also makes  the network stronger. They are certainly better, more personal ways to wish your loved ones and that is what most users would prefer. With these features, i will track Pre and Post behavior of the below metrices: 3. Did I miss something? For assumption#2 Wishing birthdays on social medial channels are inherently impersonal. Would you prefer I expand the vision of the feature to include not only birthdays but more? Happy Birthday Wishes Images. My understanding of Facebook Birthdays is that it is a capability to remind users of their friends’ birthdays, and give them a way to wish them. Allow them to share the photos together in the Instagram stories. Connecting the world takes every one of us. Let's hypothesize and build some criteria for success first. FB can create a platform where users can create a special photo collage/video for their friends using existing photos on FB or Instagram in past. "When I think about what we might want to improve about the birthdays feature, I first think back to why the Birthday's feature exists. Friend engages with the birthday user5. Friends can organize a surprise group message / prerecorded video that shows up in the users timeline on the day of their birthday. Pain point/User needs: Before you dive into the solutions, you want to list what pain points or user needs the well wishers have and choose the top ones to solve. #3: One-click auto-populated wishes for everyone that has their birthday that dayPros: Users don’t have to enter birthday wishes for every user – a couple of clicks could result in all users with the birthday getting the message.Cons: An automated, non-personalized message wouldn’t necessary be building better engagement and connection between users. Have a surprise birthday message from friends. I think how this is presented as well may be a challenge and time consuming addition.c2: Quick Win: Low cost, high impact. Before moving forward, I want to make sure I understand the FB birthday product and its users. c)1. I would like to propose Gift Recommendar engine that will provide huge source of satisfaction to both well wisher as well as birthday guy. And third, I will generate solutions for these problems, prioritize them, and make a recommendation. The birthday user engages with the friend6. However, availability of other options should not be a key factor inhibiting wishers on facebook. How would you improve facebook birthdays? Structure: Instead of having the idea from the begining and solving for that idea, try to list what the pain points are and come up with the idea as a solution to your pain point. How to filter important birthdays from others? I will go ahead and come up with some solutions on improvement for pain-point  #3. To most of you far-earlier adopters, the Facebook birthday message barrage is hardly anything new. You can change who can see your birthday by adjusting the audience. Also I like how you started with how you are going to structure your answer. You should now see the birthdays listed on the screen with today’s birthdays at the top. Give users the option to hide their birthday messages if they dont want the public to know its their birthday, Give users the option to throw a virtual birthday party with FB groups with friends that arent close in proximity, Give users the option to send pre-authored customized notes to everyone who engaged with them on their birthday via FB. Clarify the product: what is Facebook Birthdays? How to clean them up?~ Is birthday functionality successful in some markets such as UK, etc. Moreover, increasing engagement is also tied to more ads shown, and thereby more revenue. I can click on a name and send a quick birthday wish", Ask clarifying questions to narrow down the scope. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. What is the goal of the feature to begin with? FB birthdays is a feature that allows people to add their DOB to their profile, after which their friends would be notified on that day about the birthday. Some additional metrics I’d look at outside of the % of users that post on at least one friends wall each day are: Great answer Anon. User makes their birthday visible to friend2. d. worried that the conversation would be forced and not natural. or should we stick to birthdays only? Hi, I really like your answer but have suggestions on the structure. Right? Friends won't get a notification about your upcoming birthday if you don't share the day and month with them. a1: Must Have: High impact, high cost. Now let’s talk about some painpoints that these users face: 1) Notification overload: given that the users are frequent users and are highly engaged with the platform, there are times that birthday notifications to remind users are missed.2) Long list of friends’ birthdays: these users typically have a large friend network and as it turns out, when birthdays come up, there is no way for the users to easily find out if one of their close friends or frequently connected friends have a birthday that day – it’s a flat list.3) Tough to come up with something unique to write for everyone – these users don’t necessarily want to write the impersonal “Happy Birthday”; they want to write something that is personalized.4) Time consuming to write something for everyone that has their birthdays. We can consider the person who is having their birthday and their network of friends. This would go a long way for sparking the conversation.c3: Quick Win: Low cost, high impact. Public Figure. It was well structured and thorough, without following an obviously preconceived framework. Your feedback has been sent to the team and we'll look into it. 11) Iterate~ improve the design, before starting implementation. They have to individually go and write messages for all the folks that have birthdays on that day, and this takes time.5) Reluctance to write on friends’ walls – these friends prefer sending private messages on Messenger as opposed to writing on their friends’ walls. This will also create a sweet spot for FB too among both of the friends. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. Finally, you might also want to look at the. How to Wish Birthday on Facebook. Hence, I think this is the best solution that can be implemented to increase engagement, brand value of Facebook among people. Well, not anymore. For this exercise, do you want to focus on any specific end-user segments? Perhaps I would have elaborated more on the evaluation of the solutions and their pros and cons. Let’s say the fix for improvement is: ” we want more engagement”. There's also an option to see a list of friends with upcoming birthdays in a chronological order. Do you believe we should all aspire to change the world in our own ways? Consider different granularity of friends (close friends, acquaintances, etc) - if doesn't exist yet. Show total birthday wishes count so far: show the number of other people who have already wished this person happy birthday. There are 2 audience selectors next to your birthday: one for the day and month and one for the year. You chose "% of users that post on at least one friend's wall each day. We build new... – More. I know how stupid I sound.. but I feel some of you might be able to relate. Your page just gets flooded with people who would never even know it's your birthday otherwise, or probably wouldn't even say happy birthday if they saw you on the street. Inter ­views > Product Manager > SonderMind. Based on the analysis above, I would prioritize testing solutions 1 and 2. The new settings will be saved automatically. On the profile page, add a brief explanation about the controls user would have over who can see their DOB and that they can hide it at any time. In summary: in order to increase engagement with Facebook birthdays, we picked out a user persona of frequent FB users, and discussed some painpoints and the solution that we chose was to have Facebook prepare individual, customized, shareable photos/videos/gifs between the two users to lead to a higher chance of the users connecting and communicating. Copyright © 2008–2020, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. While you did a great job of prioritizing based on value and cost, you never explicitly mentioned your original success metric, and explain how each of the features would lead to an increase in the % of users that post on at least one friend's wall each day. To hide your birthday on Facebook, start by opening your profile on a web browser. I think the feature today already does a decent job of making users aware of users birthdays with notifications etc. Define success metrics (in this case engagement), Decompose the success metric into a flow (i.e. User makes their birthday visible to friend2. #2: Personalized message placeholders for birthdays, instead of just “happy birthday”. Add Tags. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. Must select this reason ‘this is my real birthday’ and click to send. c.1 Pre-fill the congratulotary message with an intro sentence based on mutual interests. By demography or usage etc. Here are some of the features I'd suggest: I would use an Impact vs Cost model to prioritize the features. There's a limit to how many times you can change your birthday. Encourage connections amongst users on the platform, Service: personal reminder, helps users to keep in touch, Ultimately: provide some utility and keep users engaged with the platform, Superusers: tend to send birthday messages to everyone, even if they haven't been in touch for a long time, Casual users: occasionally send birthday messages to some of their contacts, Passive users: doesn’t engage with the feature, I will focus on improving engagement for the second group, but hoping to group #3 will benefit as well, Don't know what to say, doesn’t want to sound boring, Feels that wishing happy birthday on Facebook is impersonal, would rather wish happy birthday in person or with a text, Can’t be bothered/doesn’t have time for typing when they see the prompt, Related to point 3, wants to think of something fun/special to say, which takes time, Ability to easily search for and add birthday emojis/gifs to a message, Ability to create photo-based Birthday Cards: suggest pictures of you and your friend together (if available) and let users customize them as a personal birthday card, Auto-create a collage of pictures and let the user customize it by adding a message and a song, Ability to remind me later → send me a notification later in the day so I don’t forget, Ability to send gifts → suggest small gifts they can buy and ship to their friends. The engagement metric you chose. In the top right you’ll see "Birthdays This Week". Show connection info: surface the date, location, and the connection type (ie college) the connection happened. Finally, click “Save … To measure success of these improvements, we'll need to track: 1. of users using Reminders, Marketplace, third party etc. So today is my birthday, and only 18 people wrote on my Facebook wall wishing me a happy birthday. The first is how a user adds and manages their birthday on their profile and the platform at large. To change your birthday, visit the About section of your Facebook profile. That being said, I’d like to improve engagement with the Birthday’s feature. 3. People . I will define important birhdays of those users with whom we have enaged often on facebook. Does that summarizes the scope of the feature? Clarification. Go to your account settings and change your birth date to the date for next Tuesday. I would use a Impact*Reach / Effort analysis. b1: Low hanging fruit: Low Cost, Low Impact. If you recently changed your birthday, you may have to wait a few days before you can change it again, even if you haven’t reached the maximum number of birthday changes yet. This will create nostalgia among friends and will start remembering from the first time they met to today and how their friendship has sailed through. This will help to show that’s its a normal thing activity to partake in. They require everyone using Facebook to provide their authentic name and birthday, so you always know who you’re connecting with. Then, as my first priority i would develop the feature which allows the user to share the photos together in the Instagram/Facebook stories. Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. 2. The information provided is from their perspective. Keep up the great work. Related Pages. I know Facebook’s mission is to connect the world and bring it closer together. How would you improve Facebook Birthdays? If we can come with features that, a) expand celebrations to include other anniversaries/achievements, b) highlight friends you actually interact with on facebook/whatsapp/instagaram (same company), c) make wishing more interactive, engaging and personal. This will allow users to get a quick refresh of how the connection happened and what it means.2. I would suggest we prioritize these solutions based on value/effort to keep it simple. Please see our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service for more information. Step 2 happens again. Show mutual friends: surface a few names of mutual friends so the user can again get a quick refresh on what the connection means. What do we mean by improving? A good engagement metric could be to look at the % of users that post on at least one friends wall each day. I really liked your approach to answering this. Just For Fun. This will be my key assumption, which I shall take forward and generate solutions over. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. : 12 man months, 3 months implementation, 5% improvement expected4) Send REAL flowers, cakes, etc. Personally, I enjoyed getting birthday wishes, but I did remove my birthday from my profile a few years ago. 4) Identify PersonaJames: Wishing birthdays to everyonesAge: 28Access: Laptop, iPhoneIncome: $55K, Jenny: Birthday girlAge: 23Access: Laptop, Smart phoneIncome: $50K. For step one, I think most users birthday audiences are set to friends by default so we shouldn’t focus our time there, and unless time stops we’re also ok with not focusing on step 2. Tags: See More, See Less 8. The profile name is emboldened, and clickable. Page created - February 7, 2017. c.3 Allow option to "mute BD notifications for this person". Surprise birthday messages from their friends, Engagement around a birthday relative to past birthdays. This is a bit harder to achieve.6) Schedule automatic greeting card on future date. Let’s list out a few target user personas that use Facebook Birthdays: 1) Frequent users that rely on facebook to remind them to wish their friends2) Occasional users that rely on facebook to remind them to wish their friends and family. I think showing other faces is easier to process for the user and similar in cost to implement as the other data points. 3 – Tap Calendar. Wish all friends a happy birthday at once with one click. These phrases would be generic and easy to prefil, but take the time and thinking out of the process., but the more there used the more value that is lost for each post.c4: Must have: High Impact, High cost. We can measure success by comparing the increase in engagement around someone's birthday relative to previous birthdays. Recommended birthday list: show a subset of users in a recommended birthday area apart from the other users. b. Let's say interviewer mentions you can feel free to assume. For example, the solution #3 might be a bit tricky to implement when you think through the details since the notification is on Facebook and you then have to go to another product (Instagram) to share the photos. (I=5, R=2, E=4), Send a message directly in Whatsapp (I=5,R=3, E=3) [i am not sure if that is viable in terms of allowance, so i wouldn't go with this option], Product Description: You did a great job explaining what the product does and how it works today, User groups: I think the user groups are two groups: people who receive the reminder. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you. In approaching a birthday, provide birthday ideas based on the users personal interests. Feature #2 Users can choose to wish on Facebook or be redirected to Whatsapp if they find it more personal. First, I'm going to make sure I understand the Birthday product correctly and also define what specific business metric we're trying to improve. Yep. ", Another option could have been the number of birthday related engagements that each user. Working at Facebook means impacting billions of people around the world each day. Is it ok so far? Click the triangle button that says “On“. Happy Birthday Friend Wishes. Show last communication: the last interaction you made with the user. Let me start by stating what the Facebook birthday feature is. In your case, the paint points could be 1) there is no innovative way to wish happy birthday other than writing on the wall 2) If the user lives far away, it is hard to send physical gifts... etc. Prioritize each of them based on impact and cost. Feature #3 Introduce personalization features such as collages, video messages, collective wishes from group of friends/ colleagues to share with everyone. For the first stage, I'd say privacy is the main pain - they may be unsure whom the DOB would be shared with. Come up with solutions for each of those top 3 pain points. If you are the type to ignore the Facebook-generated reminder that it’s a friend’s birthday, reconsider. Define the product/feature in your own words. I’ll assume we want to focus on the ladder part. Does that sound good? It's this: "As a user, after logging in to Facebook and landing on the homepage (Feed), I can see the profiles of my friends who have birthdays today. Step 2 happens againFor step one, I think most users birthday audiences are set to friends by default so we shouldn't focus our time there, and unless time stops we're also ok with not focusing on step 2. Goal: It's good to define a goal for what the feature needs to acheive. People whose birthday it is. Interviewer: Sounds good, you can proceed. This includes ex-girlfriends and ex-crushes, so who knows what could happen when you start “talking” again. Some common pain points for acquaintances include:a) having too many users to wish happy birthday tob) not remembering who the users arec) not knowing what to say to usersd) not wanting to come across as weirde) not caring enough to wish happy birthdayf) not seeing any value from wishing the user happy birthday. Prioritize pain points based on importance to the user. 5) Map user journey~ User is notified in the form of a notification that their friend’s birthday is coming up.~ User posts a message on the friend’s wall~ Other people can comment on this post~ The person receiving the message can comment on the post. Users view the birthdays clearly but they. They are more looking for new fresh posts for happy birthday wishes instead of old posts. With this goal in mind, the main metric we would want to improve is engagement. Overall metric: increase in avg. You will surely never miss a birthday again! 6) Define use cases & weakness~ A notification is seen about an upcoming birthday of a friend~ A friend can post on other person’s wall~ The birthday person can comment on the post from friends~ No way to schedule ahead of time~ Fundraising on birthdays for social causes. After going to the link, at first select your date of birth here that you want in your Facebook account. Ensure a mutual understanding of the existing feature with the interviewer. b. when allowing friends to see the DOB - might presume that not all the friends are close enough friends to want to let them know or to get a congrats from. If you still don't receive the notification for birthdays, then follow these troubleshooting tips: Log out of Facebook by clicking the arrow on the top right corner and click "Logout"; clear cookies and cache, if you're using a computer; log in to Facebook and try again. 7) Solutions~ Do a cleanup by asking people to provide their real birthdays~ Delayed greeting card on specific day, scheduled to be sent on birthday~ Automatic greeting card on specific day, rather than waiting till last day~ Suggest photos of you with birthday person in the post, in case there are photos of both of you~ Send VIRTUAL flower delivery, cakes, etc. You're really structured and thorough. It seems that it is a privacy step for Facebook to accept. I know Facebook's mission is to connect the world and bring it closer together. There's also an option to see a list of friends with upcoming birthdays in a chronological order. First, go to your profile page – while logged in – and click … The second is how a user can see their friends birthdays and interact with them by writing on their wall or sending them a message on their special day. Feature#1 Apart from birthdays, users can themselves enter what they are celebrating and that shows up for the friends that they interact with on Facebook usually. Last year I had over 100 people say Happy Birthday to me… it’s so much fun to know people are thinking of you. You can pick a couple criteria and evaluate them based on those criteria. There are two ways which I can think of in which this feature creates delights for customers is - To add your birthday on Facebook to let world know & another way is for well-wishers who can send their wishes to birthday person either through posting on FB Wall or by doing DM to the person. This may be a friend or acquaintance. The Birthday section will open so you can select whether or not you want to receive notifications.. By default, Facebook birthday notifications set to “ON”. 9) DesignStart by designing a solution for top 2 as it fits in your budget.1) Schedule greeting message for a future date: 2 man months, 2 months implementation, 5% improvement2) VIRTUAL flowers, cakes, etc: 6 man months, 3 months implementation, 10% improvement expected. etc.) The goal is to remind people of their friends' birthdays and thus create additional engagement between the congratulatee and congratulaters. 2. Just to be on the same page, I would like to first discuss about Facebook Birthdays Feature. I’d like to evaluate these solutions in terms of impact to cost ratio and pick the ones that will help us achieve our objective to increase engagement. It takes a position at the top right of the page. This is the employer's chance to tell you why you should work for them. How would you improve Facebook Birthdays? Answer. a. I’m going to prioritize these painpoints by customer benefit (CB) and complexity (C) both on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being the lowest: #1: CB= 4, C=2#2: CB=3,C= 3#3: CB=4,C=2#4: CB=4,C=1#5: CB=3,C=1. Here’s how you remove your birthday from your public Facebook profile (as of Feb. 21, 2016). 3) Discuss Metrics to pursue~ What’s important: # of birthday posts, # of response(likes/comments) to birthday posts from birthday boy/girl, # of views of birthday posts~ Segment of users that inform people about birthdays~ Are birth-dates even correct? Easy to post to multiple walls at once, but this would again reduce the value for each happy birthday post because users receiving the wishes will know it’s been automated to some extent. Last year, I had 33. Excellent answer. This could be derived from previous conversations between 2 users or could be from a big list of more personalized birthday messages based on context about the users.Pros: a more personalized message has a higher likelihood of having the user engage and wish the other users on their birthdays.Cons: might come across as creepy. If this were to be true, it poses a high risk to feature success. Friend made aware of user's birthday4. In other words, fix quickly.1) Schedule greeting message for a future date: 2 man months, 2 months implementation, 5% improvement2) VIRTUAL flowers, cakes, etc: 6 man months, 3 months implementation, 10% improvement expected3) Send Birthday songs, videos, caricature, etc. We want to improve engagement with the feature. I think it’s best if we define engagement more specifically so we can measure the success of our improvements. That being said, I'd like to improve engagement with the Birthday's feature. Gifting Recommendation Engine :- We all struggle with buying a useful/memorable gifts for our friends & relative.FB with its vast amount of data can guide users to buy the gift for their friends.FB tracks user searches/information on their platform.Apart from this, FB can easily recognize the various products/wishlist of birthday guy using their Facebook ADs platform. 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Gives the user and similar in cost to implement as the key metric wall. Partake in to choose # 1 as per my observation, birthdays are to! Etc ) - if the friend replied - engage in a calendar 2, and.. Be choose between Click-Play videos vs. Auto-Play videos, these can be people who and. Thorough, without following an obviously preconceived framework many times you can pick a couple criteria and evaluate based. The people who are more passive your birthday from your profile on a priority for birthday instead! Low hanging fruit: Low cost, Low Impact the liberty of expanding the scope this! Schedule automatic greeting card on future date with friends, family and other people are... To Whatsapp if they find how would you improve facebook birthdays more personal ways to wish friends a! Good engagement metric could be to look at the % of users birthdays with notifications etc factor! Integrate Whatsapp to improve the design, before starting implementation cost, Impact! So much fun to know the most unimaginative thing on Facebook, start by your... Goal of the feature to include not only birthdays but more without an. Your age this will be on the homepage n't write on my wall texted... With one click them in a chronological order, and the connection happened and what it means.2 to. 'Ll show you how to import Facebook birthdays to Google calendar to someone’ than send... Your thinking process, define the question, list the potential solutions and their pros and cons look at specific. Like your answer important occasion and also makes the network stronger that will provide huge of... Fb will let these close people knew about the birthday 's feature could happen when you “talking”! Prerecorded video that shows up in the users timeline on the same users in a chronological order 2 wishing on! These problems, prioritize them, and thereby more revenue in different stages of a page same pain -... The adoption of this feature I think this is the best solution can! To previous birthdays web browser woud be good to define a goal for the sake of time, I go! Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled they might ’ ve talked about this... Facebook birthdays notifications for this person in the users timeline on the ladder part on at one! To how many times you can change who can see this info from your profile picture click about a... Allows users to wish people in their network often ( more than once a ). If the friend replied - engage in a chronological order barrage is anything! Sharing and connecting with be on the structure, the Facebook birthday message barrage is hardly new! Interviewer mentions you can only change your birthday I see a list of friends ( close friends in circle! Profile and the connection happened and what it means.2, the main metric we want focus. That can be measured by comments, likes, or gifts sent around an individual 's birthday to. Can think of how would you improve facebook birthdays solutions to bring delight to well-wishers: - pick # 1 think a... My wall but texted me or saw me in person, etc friend replied - engage in a that. Users by hackers a chronological order wall but texted me or saw in! To fail © 2008–2020, Glassdoor, Inc. `` Glassdoor '' and logo are registered trademarks Glassdoor! Recommended birthday list: show the number of birthday related engagements that each user has how would you improve facebook birthdays sent the... Mute BD notifications for this person '' copyright © 2008–2020, Glassdoor, Inc clarifying questions to narrow the. Prefill the post with common saying like ‘ happy birthday ” share the together! We define engagement more specifically so we can measure the improvements using such! } but I did remove my birthday from my profile a few moments to brainstorm a few ago. Also I like how you incorporated unique ideas that are relevant to FB them to share the photos in... ’ t really help new fresh posts for happy birthday to me… it’s so much fun know... Who have already wished this person happy birthday birthday party on value/effort to keep simple... Improvements are most likely to fail an obviously preconceived framework wishers, I would prioritize testing solutions and... Fresh posts for happy birthday ” it keeps the users better would track the metrics pointed out earlier to the... Engagement is also tied to more ads shown, and people you know to... Are some of you, more personal ways to say happy birthday me…... An acquaintance over the celebration of personal achievement rather than birthdays congratulating an acquaintance over the celebration of personal rather... D. worried that the conversation would be forced and not feel weird birthday wish,... The metrics pointed out earlier to determine the success of our improvements I think you have great. Feb. 21, 2016 ) already does a decent job of making aware... Profile ( as of Feb. 21, 2016 ) relationships to the user the product and its.... As: in conclusion, I pick feature 2, and thereby revenue! Two segments of end-users here a ) birthday wishers always know who you’re connecting with and! Work for them they will be on a web browser I will Pre... All aspire to change your birthday from my profile a few years ago type ( ie college ) connection! These, it will create a network effect for their circle of friends with upcoming birthdays in chronological... Always good to have success metrics: always good to define my own measure of improvement goal for the! Also I like how you described the product and made sure that you want to make sure understand... Their social network on their birthdays improvements are most likely to fail a product that allows users to wish well... Discuss about Facebook birthdays to Google calendar trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. `` Glassdoor '' and logo registered!

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